Bitcoin Breaks $25K! US PPI Lower than Expected Across the Board

• Bitcoin has broken through $25,000, while Gold has broken through $1920 on lower than expected PPI data.
• US PPI was lower than expected across all measures: PPI -0.1% M/M, Exp. 0.3%; PPI 4.6% Y/Y, Exp. 5.4%; PPI Core 0.0% M/M, Exp. 0.4%; and PPI Core 4.4% Y/Y, Exp. 5.2%.
• CryptoSlate’s latest report dissects the dying crypto bank Silvergate to see why it went bankrupt and how other banking giants could share its destiny in the future.


Bitcoin broke $25,000 and Gold broke $1,920 on lower than expected US Producer Price Index (PPI) data across all measures: M/M at -0.1%, with an expectation of 0.3%; Y/Y at 4.6%, with an expectation of 5.4%; Core M/M at 0%, with an expectation of 0