Paymium pays you to trade Bitcoin (BTC)

All traders who place limit orders to buy or sell on the Paymium platform are paid up to 0.1% of the amount of their order. A small revolution since you are paid to trade.

Paymium is a French Bitcoin Loophole exchange platform co-founded by Pierre Noizat. It was launched in 2011, making it the oldest bitcoin exchange in the world still in operation.

The company is raising several million euros during 2018, enabling it to expand its offerings with the launch of Another platform dedicated to the exchange of numerous crypto-actives for both individuals and professionals. Based in Paris, Paymium now has more than 220,000 customers.

How does it work?

As of March 2020, traders who place limit orders on Paymium are rewarded an amount equivalent to 0.1% of their order when the trade is executed. This reward is applied to all their maker orders without volume limits.

These traders (also known as makers) place buy orders at below-market prices and sell orders at above-market prices.

Conversely, traders using maker orders will buy directly at the market price whether they are sellers or buyers. As for taker orders, they are charged at 0.5%, which remains competitive compared to competing platforms. Learn more about trading rewards.

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How to benefit from the trading reward? Differentiate order types

Notice to beginners: a simplified trading interface is also available on the website or mobile application.

What is the interest for Paymium? Attract traders of course and offer more liquidity on the platform! The more users there are on the platform, the easier it will be to buy and sell thanks to the high volume.

How does Paymium finance this?

As explained previously, one of the issues that an exchange platform faces is to maintain a sufficient level of liquidity on the platform. Offering negative fees to the makers (-0.1% in the case of Paymium) is a way to attract liquidity.

On the other hand, taker orders are normally charged at 0.5%. The principle is win-win-win: the trader who makes a maker order is rewarded for his risk taking, the other users benefit from a better liquidity, the platform receives a commission when the maker order meets a taker.